Property Coverage

Protecting you and your company’s belongings in the event of a loss to buildings or personal property at an inured location.

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Building & Personal Property

Coverage against covered loss to buildings and personal property at an insured location. Coverage is provided at one of three general levels: Basic, Broad and Special.
Special is the broadest and affords the best protection for the policyholder. There are several exclusions which require more specific coverage forms.

Inland Marine

Property coverage for items moved over land and/or classifications that require separate, specific coverage. Including: Builders Risk, Tools and Equipment (owned, rented, borrowed), Installation Floater, Cargo/Transit.

  • Builders Risk: Building under construction and sometimes renovation.
  • Tools and Equipment: Coverage for items used in the Contracting business. These items can be owned, rented or borrowed. It is vital to understand the extent of your coverage for each of these classifications.
  • Installation Floater: Coverage for products/ material located at a job site that have not been installed and are still owned by a contractor until installed/constructed.
  • Cargo/Transit: Coverage for material products while being transported to/from a job site.
  • Income Protection: Coverage to provide for the loss of income due to a covered loss to property listed under the policy.

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