General Liability Coverage

If you’re a business owner of any size in the state of New York, and looking for General Liability Coverage you have come to the right place. Our team of experienced agents will help you get a quote at the most affordable price that’s right for you.

General Liability Coverage Package Includes the Following Items

Bodily Injury and Property Damage

This protects a contractor/business owner and any additional insured(s) from lawsuits arising out of the liability of the ownership or operation of a contracting business that results in bodily injury to a third party or property damage to others property. This coverage is subject to conditions and exclusions.

Personal Injury/Advertising Injury

This protects a policyholder from lawsuits that might arise due to an accusation of libel/slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and misappropriation of advertising ideas.

Product and Completed Operations

Protection against liability from completed operations. Such as liability from a collapsing deck built by a contractor.

Medical Payments

Coverage to pay medical costs to a third party regardless of a determination of liability – often paid to prevent the submission of a liability claim.

Contractual Liability

Liability imposed under terms of a contract. Most contracts signed by subcontractors transfer segments of liability from the General Contractor to a Sub Contractor.

Labor Law Liability

Liability unique to New York State which mandates almost absolute liability to a property owner/contractor for injuries to a worker sustained on a commercial property regardless of fault. This liability is usually transferred to subcontractors via a contract and/ or hold harmless agreement.

Hold Harmless Agreement

A provision of a contract requiring the one party to indemnify the other party for any legal liability to a third party. This is often put into effect by the signing of a contract/purchase order, and/or the issuing of a certificate of insurance listing the certificate holder and an additional insured. There are 3 forms of Hold harmless agreements: Limited, Intermediate, and Broad.

Additional Insured

An individual or an entity listed on an insurance policy entitled to the full liability protection afforded under the policy. This is commonly used to back the indemnity of a hold harmless agreement.

Occurrence vs. Claims Made Coverage Forms

Policies written on an Occurrence form provide protection for incidents that occur within the policy period. Policies written on a Claims Made form provide coverage for incidents reported within the policy period as long as protection was also in place at the time of the incident, i.e. incidents coming to attention from an event more than a year old.

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