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New York State is unique as it is the only state in the US that did not fully repeal liability laws meant to protect workers when workers compensation laws came into effect. Over the past 15 years these unrepealled laws have caused a nightmare for contracting businesses, developers and property owners. The law states that property owners and their contractors are fully legally liable for injuries sustained while workers are on the job from any height exposure. Height is defined as the use of a 6 foot step ladder or higher. Property owners and general contractors have been transferring this liability to their sub contractors. This is called Contractual Liability.

In response to this development many insurance companies stopped writing certain classes of contractors, others excluded contractual liability from their policies, and others increased their pricing dramatically and began underwriting their policyholders more strictly.

Does your policy fully cover you? There are fewer and fewer carriers that will provide this Contractual Liability on their policies. In many cases neither a general contractor nor a policyholder will know there is no coverage until it is too late. Anytime you sign an agreement you must assume there is a transfer of liability written into the agreement. Unless you have a policy that stands behind you for this, you are looking at bankruptcy every day you and/or your employees go to work. Make sure your policy fully protects you. Cheap insurance now could be the most expensive insurance you will ever buy.

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Contractor Insurance Made Easy

We have the tools necessary to provide you with the excellent service you require to operate your business efficiently and profitably.





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